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S.No. Case No Case Name Remark Status Last Hearing Date View Doc
1 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH m a Joint Committee consisting of:- (i) The Collector, Bhopal (ii) Municipal Commissioner, Bhopal (iii) Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board Pending 17/08/2020 View
2 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH INSPECTION REPORT SUBMITTED ON 11.09.2020 Pending 17/08/2020 View
3 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH The Central Pollution Control Board and the State Pollution Control Board is a Statutory Body competent to proceed to control the abatement of the pollution as aforesaid mentioned and to calculate and recover the environmental compensation according to law. Pending 21/09/2020 View
4 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH JOINT COMMITTEE REPORT ON ASSESSMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL COMPENSATION Dated 30/09/2020 in reference to Order dated 21/09/2020 SUBMITTED ON 06.10.2020 Pending 21/09/2020 View
5 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH y, we constitute a committee consisting :- i. One representative from MoEF&CC ii. One representative from Center Pollution Control Board iii. One representative from MP State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (MPSEIAA) iv. One representative from Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board. Pending 16/06/2021 View
6 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH REPORT IN COMPLIANCE TO ORDER DATED 16.06.2021 SUBMITTED ON 02.08.2021 Pending 16/06/2021 View
7 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH (Project Proponent) has sought four weeks time to carry out the directions and compliance of the report submitted by the Joint Committee Pending 03/08/2021 View
8 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH Further Action Taken Report to be submitted. Pending 05/10/2021 View
9 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH Compliance report order dated 01.09.2021. Pending 05/10/2021 View
10 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH the State Pollution Control Board and the State Authority have stated that necessary action are required to be taken and the authorities are going to take action and preparing the plan. Further, action taken report to be submitted before the next date of listing. Pending 07/12/2021 View
11 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH Matter adjourned Pending 24/01/2022 View
12 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH Action Taken Report in compliance to order dated 07.12.2021 Pending 24/01/2022 View
13 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH The State Pollution Control Board shall submit the action plan for taking remedial measures with cost which may be borne by the Municipal Corporation out of the property of the Project Proponent mortgaged in favour of Municipal Corporation or from the environmental fund, subject to realization from the Project Proponent. Pending 10/02/2022 View
14 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH Action Taken Report in compliance to Order dated 10.02.2022 Pending 10/02/2022 View
15 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH Matter stands adjourned to: 21.04.2022 Pending 05/04/2022 View
16 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH . Learned counsel appearing for project proponent sought a short time to complete the work. List it on 04th May, 2022 with the current status of compliance report. Pending 21/04/2022 View
17 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH Applicant appeared in person and submitted that the provision of portable water has not been properly managed till date. Learned Counsel appearing for the Respondent has submitted that due to non availability of labour work was not completed and requested for a short time to complete the work. Put up with the latest status on 24th May, 2022 Pending 04/05/2022 View
18 61/2020 SHRI VIJAY SINGH Direction for Project Proponent to complete the work and submit the action report Pending 24/05/2022 View