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S.No. Case No Case Name Remark Status Last Hearing Date View Doc
1 179/2020 State Of MP The above allegation needs to be looked into by the State PCB and the District Magistrate, Rewa and action taken as per law. The nodal agency for coordination and compliance will be the State PCB. Pending 27/11/2020 View
2 179/2020 State Of MP Inspection Report submitted on 25.06.2021 Pending 19/02/2021 View
3 179/2020 State Of MP a fresh report by a joint 3 Committee which may now comprise of representative of CPCB, the Member Secretary, State PCB, the Member Secretary, SEIAA, MP and the representative of District Magistrate, Rewa (an officer of higher rank than the earlier represented). Pending 11/08/2021 View
4 179/2020 State Of MP Inspection Report in compliance to order dated 11.08.2021 Pending 11/08/2021 View
5 179/2020 State Of MP Matter stands adjourn Pending 13/12/2021 View
6 179/2020 State Of MP Disposed Disposed 20/01/2022 View