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S.No. Case No Case Name Remark Status Last Hearing Date View Doc
1 08/2021 State of Mp e a Joint Committee consisting of District Collector, Sehore, Madhya Padesh and Representative of Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board and representative of Chief Municipal Officer, Nagar Pallika Parisar, Sehore and direct them to submit a factual and action taken report within 4 weeks. Pending 13/04/2021 View
2 08/2021 State of Mp INSPECTION REPORT SUBMITTED ON 25.06.2021 Pending 13/04/2021 View
3 08/2021 State of Mp In compliance of the order dated 13.04.2021, Committee headed by the District Collector, Sehore submitted its report which is on record. Learned Counsel appearing for the Applicant sought a short time for filing the objection. Pending 05/07/2021 View
4 08/2021 State of Mp Learned Counsel for the Applicant has raised the question with regard to the very legality of the colony and the report submitted by the joint committee reveals the pendency of Civil Appeal No. 26338 of 2020 before the Hon’ble Supreme Court (order dated 08.12.2020). Pending 05/08/2021 View
5 08/2021 State of Mp Put up with latest status of the case in Hon’ble the Supreme Court . Pending 05/10/2021 View
6 08/2021 State of Mp Accordingly with the concurrence of all participating parties/respondents, we constitute a committee consisting of following : 1. Representative of Collector (Sehore) dealing with the matter of revenue 2. Director or representative of Director Town and Country Planning (Sehore) 3. Representative of Central Pollution Control Board 4. Representative of State Pollution Control Board. Pending 12/01/2022 View
7 08/2021 State of Mp Inspection Report in compliance to order dated 12.01.2022 Pending 12/01/2022 View
8 08/2021 State of Mp Learner counsel for the State Pollution Control Board has submitted that Joint Committee Report in this matter has been filed by e-mail just yesterday. Learned counsel for the applicant has submitted that the copy of the same has not been provided to him. Copy of the report may be provided to the learned counsel for the applicant on available email, who in turn he may file response, if any. Reply by the rest of the respondents may also be filed within 03 weeks. Pending 07/02/2022 View
9 08/2021 State of Mp Matter stands adjourned to: 27.04.2022 Pending 24/03/2022 View
10 08/2021 State of Mp we direct the State Pollution Control Board and the municipal council, Sehore to take further remedial actions according to 4 law within a time frame and submit further Action Taken Report within thirty (30) days Pending 27/04/2022 View
11 08/2021 State of Mp inspection report vide order dated 27.04.2022 Pending 27/04/2022 View